Changes to PrEP Monitoring and Prescribing

We will be slightly changing the way we manage our PrEP clinics so that it is more streamlined for service users.

Why are we changing our PrEP clinics?

During the pandemic we moved to doing telephone consultations and delivering as much care remotely as possible. Now that the restrictions have been lifted, we are adapting again, to improve the service. There is also increasing evidence that it is safe and effective to carry out kidney monitoring and prescribing every 6 months.

STI screening is still required every 3 months to ensure that we detect and treat infections as soon as possible.

What is changing?

We will be moving to 6 monthly routine review appointments for PrEP monitoring and prescribing.  This will normally be a face-to-face appointment with a nurse for testing and providing the medication. If there are any problems we will still be able to see you between these appointments if needed.

STI screening will be carried out every 3 months, so we will send you a home sampling kit to do at 3 months after your review appointment, or book you into one of our express testing clinics. If you have previous syphilis infection, our home sampling kits do not offer the necessary testing


I am not an existing PrEP user, but would like to know more.

Visit or our PrEP page by clicking here.


How can I make a PrEP appointment?

You can call our reception on 01463 888 300

or book online at and select the ONLINE BOOKING tab or click here


What if I need vaccinations before my next PrEP appointment?

If you require vaccinations in between your 6 monthly PrEP review appointments, we will arrange these for you at a separate appointment.


Can I get vaccinated against Monkeypox?

Monkeypox vaccination is in the process of being rolled out, and will be offered to those most at risk. If you are an existing PrEP user you will be contacted soon to offer you the vaccine.


What if I have symptoms or have been in contact with an infection?

We would recommend that you contact us for an appointment to be seen for testing. You can do this by calling 01463 888300.


What if I need more condoms/lube?

You can drop into our clinic


Contact Waverley care Highland: Go to:


Order online here:


Any other questions?

Information about PrEP can be found at

or you can check our PrEP page on our website by clicking here.

or call us on Tel: 01463 888300 to make an appointment or speak to one of our health advisors