Self Sampling Kits

Please access our self sampling kit leaflet by clicking here.


Finger prick blood tests

It can take up to 12 weeks from catching one of these infections before it will show up on the test. If there is a chance you might have caught one of these infections more recently, you might need to repeat the test.

·       Syphilis and HIV – everyone will be tested for these.

·       Hepatitis B and C - some people will be tested for these depending on the information you gave us

These tests for syphilis and Hepatitis C are not suitable for people who have been diagnosed with these infections previously. If you have had either of these infections you can organise a test at one of our clinics.

Urine and swab tests

It can take up to 2 weeks from catching these infections before it will show up on the test.

Tests are taken from body sites where you have had sexual contact, and will be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Contents of the testing kit

This will vary according to the details you gave us about yourself and your partners:

• Swab(s) and sample tubes – throat/vaginal/rectal

• Urine collection box and urine sample bottle

• Mini blood tube • Lancets x3

• Cleaning wipe to clean your finger x2

• Plasters

• Clear specimen bag(s) with paper form attached

• Box with freepost return label

• Labels for putting onto the sample containers (**the labels in the video are not for a real patient)

• Results card with your barcoded label attached

• Security seal to close postal box

You will also need: clean tissue or cotton wool and a pen.

The video below will show you the contents of our self sampling kits. 

How to Carry Out a Finger Prick Blood Test

Before doing your blood test, lay out the following items on a clean surface:


cleaning wipes


mini blood tube inserted into hole in side tab of box lid, to ensure it doesn’t fall and spill

some clean tissue or cotton wool (not included in the pack)


1.       Wash your hands in warm water. Your finger will be easier to bleed if your hands are warm and you have had plenty to drink.

2.       Place the blood tube upright where it won’t be knocked over.

3.       Wipe the middle or ring finger of your preferred hand with the cleaning wipe.

4.       Take one of the lancets, twist off the tip.

5.       Put the lancet end firmly against the tip of your cleaned finger and press down. You should hear a click and feel a sharp prick on your finger.

6.       Squeeze your finger until a drop of blood appears.

7.       Allow the drop to run into the blood tube.

8.       Continue to “milk” drops of blood from your finger until it fills to the first line in the tube (0.5ml).

If the blood stops flowing, repeat steps 3-8 on another finger using one of the spare lancets.

9.       When complete, wipe your finger with a clean tissue and apply a plaster.

10.   Attach barcoded label and place in the specimen bag.

The video below will show you how to take a finger prick blood test. 

Packaging and returning samples

The samples should be posted the same day, as soon as possible after taking the samples.

Unlabelled samples will be rejected and the test will need to be repeated.

1.       Specimens MUST be returned within 2 weeks of your request

2.       Place the labelled mini blood tube, swabs and/or urine bottle into the specimen bag with the absorbent pad inside.

3.       Replace these into the box.

4.       Seal the box with the security seal provided.

5.       Post in any Royal Mail post box.  

The video below will show you how to package and return your self sampling kit. 

How to get your results

It may take up to 2 weeks to get your results.

Call the results number on 01463 888 301.

You will be asked to enter your ID number and your date of birth. Your ID number is found on the barcoded label on your results card and has AN at the start.

If your results are not available 2 weeks after posting your samples, please call our clinic reception on 01463 888 300 to make enquiries.


If an infection needs treated or a test repeated

We will call your mobile number to talk to you about your tests and what needs to be done. If you don’t answer the call we will leave a voicemail or text asking you to contact us.

If you require treatment we will discuss this with you, and make arrangements. You might need to attend one of our clinics for treatment. If the treatment is with tablets we can sometimes arrange for these to be collected or posted to you. We will also talk to you about whether any sexual partners need testing.

Sometimes tests need repeating after treatment has been completed. We will let you know if this is recommended.


To order a self sampling kit, please use the "ORDER STI KIT" tab at the top of the website.  For further information or support, please call Highland Sexual Health on 01463 888300.