What is self isolation and why is it important?

 For more information please visit Public Health Matters


Please stay at home and do not spend time with anyone not living in your family home


Please phone our team on 01463 888300 if need to discuss any of the following: 


Contraception - if you have run out of contraception or have no current contraception

If you have symptoms and are worried this may be a sexually transmitted infection 


If you are taking PrEP and need advice or a prescription


If you have HIV and need advice or a prescription 


If you are under 18 and need some sexual health advice


If you need condoms


If you need to speak with one of our clinical staff, your call will be managed as soon as we can


There are many health resources on this website to help if you do not fall into the catergories above. Please use these if you can meantime. 


Please see the below FAQ section 




Young People


Domestic/Sexual Abuse